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Climate Impact Partners Reveals How 1.5% of Fortune Global 500’s Profits Could Transform Climate Action

Latest research highlights the impact of just 1.5% of profits from the world’s largest companies on nature, people, and the environment.

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Why REDD+ Projects are Essential

REDD+ projects are critical to meeting our climate change goals, as well as conserving essential biodiversity and ecosystems.

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Climate Impact Partners Announces New Chief Financial Officer

ShanMae Teo joins as Chief Financial Officer - unlocking the power of carbon finance to drive the scale and impact of climate action.

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2023 CarbonNeutral Protocol Update Strengthens Guidance Around Climate Action Claims

The Protocol provides the global standard for clear, credible, transparent claims of carbon neutrality by the private sector for more than 20 years.

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Climate Impact Partners Appoints Sheri Hickok Chief Executive Officer

With strong focus on clients, leadership, and sustainable, profitable growth she is responsible for keeping the organization's strategy and direction on track.

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Climate and Energy Policy Expert Joins Climate Impact Partners’ External Affairs team

Dr. Philip Mann will lead Climate Impact Partners' work on Article 6 of the Paris Agreement.

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Refrigerant Carbon Credit™ Pilot Program Rewards Grocers for Climate-Friendly Refrigerant Choices

Climate Impact Partners is part of the groundbreaking program that uses carbon finance to help grocers lower the cost of using climate-friendly refrigerants.

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Climate Impact Partners and Ecofiltro Win Energy Globe Award

First of its kind, Gold Standard project that provides clean water filters to rural communities in Guatemala is awarded Energy Globe Award.

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Partnership with Global EverGreening Alliance Will Deliver Up To $330 Million in Carbon Removal Programs in Africa & Asia

Work will begin in six countries in Africa and focus on developing high impact nature-based carbon removals.

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Climate Impact Partners Using Innovative Digital Technologies to Monitor Forest Carbon Projects

Emissions reduction leader Climate Impact Partners to partner with Geotree, Kayrros, and Treemetrics to deliver cutting-edge monitoring of forestry projects.

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Climate Impact Partners Passes Industry Best Practice Audit

Climate Impact Partners has demonstrated its compliance with the highest standards for the sourcing and sale of carbon credits in the voluntary carbon market.

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Climate Impact Partners Releases Fourth Annual Report on the Climate Commitments of the Fortune Global 500

42% of companies delivered, or are publicly committed to deliver, a significant climate milestone by 2030.

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