Project Feasibility, Design and Registration

We help you transform your concept into a high-impact, high-integrity carbon project.

Developing carbon projects

Our relationships with corporate clients and investors allow us to structure high-quality support and long-term financing that meets the needs of a new project from start to finish. This leaves our project partners to focus on what they do best – running on-the-ground activities and delivering impact.

Selecting partners for new project development

We are focused on quality and impact, so choosing the right partners and projects – those where we have most opportunity to add value and deliver results - is essential for all parties. Watch this video to find out more about our selection process.

How we select projects for Carbon Project Development

Watch our short video outlining some of the factors we look for when selecting project partners.

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Support from feasibility to issuance (and beyond)

Our carbon asset development (CAD) experts guide project partners through the qualification, design, and implementation stages, navigating the complex process and paperwork to register a high-quality emission reduction project. We continue to support our partners through credit issuances all the way to retirement.

Financial assistance

Financing can be arranged, not only to get your project up and running, but also to ensure a sustainable income throughout its lifetime. Once a project has been verified by an international standard, we can work with our corporate clients all over the world to sell your credits, and take care of the registries and retirement.

Selecting an internationally recognized standard

All the projects we work with are independently audited to internationally agreed standards. They are all certified by third parties and go through a rigorous system of checks and balances to prove the emissions reductions issued are real, measurable, permanent, additional, independently verified, and unique.

New methodology development

Since the voluntary carbon market was formed, we have championed new project ideas and technologies. This can open up carbon finance for a new sector or technology.