Climate Action Protocol

Navigating the complexity to help companies make confident climate action claims.

Credible, confident claims of climate action are critical to harnessing the power of the private sector to deliver emission reductions and reach global net zero.

The options for climate claims are currently complex, with a wide range of requirements.

The Climate Action Protocol and digital tool

To address this, we introduce the Climate Action Protocol and its accompanying digital tool. Our new Protocol helps companies compare internationally recognized carbon-credit-related claims and understand the requirements for making them. It launches with an accompanying digital tool to provide bespoke guidance on which certifications are best suited to a company’s operations and goals.

SBTi’s recent report on Beyond Value Chain Mitigation (BVCM) recommends that companies purchase carbon credits equivalent to at least 50% of their unabated Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. SBTi will not be validating BVCM claims but highlights the importance of externally verified or certified claims, such as those included in the Climate Action Protocol.

Navigating your options with our climate claims digital tool

The Climate Action Protocol

Download the full Climate Action Protocol to get more details about the claims, compare requirements, and understand the next steps for your business to make a credible, confident claim of climate action.