CarbonNeutral® Certification

The CarbonNeutral Protocol provides a clear, credible, and transparent framework for carbon neutral programs.

The CarbonNeutral Protocol was created in 2002 and is updated annually to reflect the latest scientific, policy and business developments. It provides a clear, credible, and transparent framework for carbon neutral programs. Carbon neutrality represents immediate climate action and enables companies to clearly communicate that their emissions have been offset using carbon credits. 

The CarbonNeutral Protocol is structured in five steps:

  1. Define what your claim will cover
  2. Measure your emissions
  3. Target emissions reductions
  4. Reduce emissions through internal reductions and external offsetting
  5. Inform others of your actions clearly and transparently

Main claim you can make:

We have offset all remaining emissions by delivering finance to emission reduction projects, supporting the transition to a low carbon global economy.


  • In 2021 Brooks Running released their first CarbonNeutral® product, the Ghost 14 shoe. Read more.
  • Neal’s Yard Remedies has been a CarbonNeutral® company since 2008. Read more.

The CarbonNeutral Protocol can be accessed here:

The CarbonNeutral Protocol | Climate Impact Partners

The CarbonNeutral Protocol is managed by us, Climate Impact Partners. We have more than 25 years’ experience working with clients all over the world to deliver climate action that goes beyond internal reductions and finances the global transformation to a low carbon economy. 

CarbonNeutral certification is powered by Climate Impact Partners’ enhanced due diligence program which includes an in-depth ten stage review of the quality and risks of all the carbon finance projects we support.

Climate Impact Partners builds on the expertise, integrity, and innovation of two companies, Natural Capital Partners and ClimateCare, that have led the voluntary carbon market to transform the global economy, improve health and livelihoods, and restore a thriving planet. You can find out more about us here.

Some of our service offerings for this claim:

The Climate Action Protocol

Download the full Climate Action Protocol to get more details about the claims, compare requirements, and understand the next steps for your business to make a credible, confident claim of climate action.