Carbon Credits Sales

We match your carbon credits with the right buyers, at the right price, through our extensive network of corporate clients.

Selling carbon credits

Our long-term relationship with corporate clients means we know their offsetting needs today, and into the future. This helps us develop high-value, long-term commitments to our project partners. We have financed over 100 million tonnes of CO2 reduction and work with over 500 leading corporates across the globe.

We work with leading brands to deliver some of the largest carbon offset programs in the world.

Why do corporate clients work with us?

Corporate clients work with us as a trusted partner for carbon offsetting and seek a range of different solutions. We blend credits from high quality projects into customised portfolios that meet their complex and growing demand. Corporations and investors choose to work with Climate Impact Partners to provide:

  • A diversified product portfolio
  • High level of due diligence
  • Access to high impact projects
  • Risk management
  • Confidence in future supply
  • Support to develop, evolve and communicate their program

What Are clients looking for in a project partner?

Watch our short video to learn more about the requirements of corporate clients for carbon projects

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The biggest benefit of working with Climate Impact Partners has been the scalability it is giving us through its access to a broader range of buyers and having a multiyear contact to reduce our price risk.
Isabel Aguirre, Commercial Manager, Econegocios