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ClimateCare Gold Standard project saves 14 trees for every house built

ClimateCare announces issuance of 9,616 tonnes of independently verified carbon credits from an innovative business transforming construction across Malawi.

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ClimateCare and Natural Capital Partners merge

ClimateCare and Natural Capital Partners Merge to form world-leading Voluntary Carbon Market group.

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New collaborative approaches drive natural climate solutions

Natural Capital Partners and the Arbor Day Foundation have collaborated with projects based in Nicaragua and the United States.

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The rise of ESG and the role of carbon offsetting

Graeme Ardus, Head of ESG at Triton, discusses trends in the investment sector, the rise of ESG and how carbon offsetting fits into Triton's climate strategy.

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Leading the expansion of I-REC globally

Natural Capital Partners has retained its I-REC leadership position & is the first company to have cancelled more than 5 million renewable energy certificates.

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Bolt unveils green plan to make rides in Europe carbon neutral

Bolt, the leading European on-demand transportation platform, will make passenger journeys in Europe carbon neutral.

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50 ways to reduce your carbon footprint

As well as offsetting your emissions right now, here are some ideas to shrink your carbon footprint directly.

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UPS shipment program

UPS offers customers the ability to counter balance the carbon dioxide emissions generated by the transport of their packages through carbon offsetting.

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Talanoa dialogue: The role of business in getting to net zero

Natural Capital Partners gathered 61 companies together to explore how to build a net zero economy.

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Microsoft supports new forest creation in Ireland

Microsoft launches new afforestation project in Ireland that helps meet the company’s and the country’s climate goals.

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Unlocking the hidden value of carbon offsetting

Additional benefits of carbon offsetting valued at $664 per credit following extensive research carried out by Imperial College London.

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BNY Mellon goes carbon neutral

Building on its environmental performance leadership and delivering on the pledge it made as part of the White House’s American Business Act on Climate Pledge.

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