Carbon market and conservation specialist joins Climate Impact Partners’ team

Published 18 July 2022

Beatriz Zavariz, an expert on Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) who has worked on soil carbon, forestry and grassland projects in the US and Mexico, will join other experts at Climate Impact Partners’ working on NBS project development throughout the world.

Previously Bety has worked at the US carbon standard, Climate Action Reserve (CAR) and conservation and community forestry organizations in Mexico. Bety’s expertise includes establishing methodologies for several types of NBS project and assessing quality of verifications, understanding and sharing policy updates and their implications for project developers, and identifying climate change mitigation and adaptation project opportunities alongside the implications for forest-based communities.

In addition to her NBS expertise, Bety has also worked on methane destruction, organic waste digestion and composting, and refrigerant destruction projects.

“Bety’s expertise and experience will add to our team’s laser focus on developing and delivering only the highest quality projects”, says Rachael Nutter, Global Director of Project Development. “With the constantly growing demand for nature-based solutions, it is our job to ensure we only develop the best. Those that incorporate local community and environmental conditions to deliver positive climate impact alongside positive people impact, are the ones that will thrive.” 

“I am thrilled to have joined this team of the top experts in our industry working with inspiring project partners around the world,” says Bety, Global NBS Technical Manager. “Together we are going to harness the power of the private sector and the potential of the carbon markets to deliver the results and impact that make real change possible.”