Climate Impact Partners using innovative digital technologies to monitor forest carbon projects

Published 18 October 2022

Climate Impact Partners has partnered with three technology specialists to provide cutting-edge analysis into the climate impact of forestry projects.

Climate Impact Partners, specialists in carbon market solutions for climate action, is working with Geotree, Kayrros, and Treemetics to improve the quality, frequency, and efficiency of monitoring and reporting on forestry projects.

Partnerships with three global leaders in climate data analytics will help Climate Impact Partners demonstrate the value and impact of projects, and achieve its goal of working with clients and project partners to reduce global emissions by one billion tonnes of carbon dioxide by 2030.

Rachael Nutter, Global Director of Project Development at Climate Impact Partners, said: “These digital solutions present a huge leap forward in building trust in forestry projects and their results.

“We are still not using the full potential of nature to provide solutions to our climate challenge but with enhanced reporting and transparency we will demonstrate the value and harness more private sector finance to increase scale and impact.”

With rapidly growing interest in both forest conservation and reforestation projects that receive critical finance through the voluntary carbon market (VCM), data-led technology presents a powerful opportunity to improve the quality of the information that is used to assess their impact and value as a natural climate solution.

Climate Impact Partners will now be able to rapidly and frequently monitor, report, and verify the progress of forestry projects, assessing the probability of risks like drought, fire, tree growth, survival rates, and carbon sequestration.

Satellite-derived data and imaging provided by Geotree, Kayrros, and Treemetrics will allow Climate Impact Partners to monitor reforestation progress and conservation of existing natural carbon sinks, identify potential hazards and obstacles to forest areas, and provide businesses with the highest quality projects that are delivering real impact.

There is increasing demand for nature-based solutions in the voluntary carbon market to support the global goal to keep global warming to 1.5 degrees, alongside conserving and restoring biodiversity and ecosystems, and supporting the health and livelihoods of forest-based communities. Traded volume of forestry and land use credits in the VCM increased by four times in 2021 over 2020, according to the Ecosystem Marketplace 2022 Q3 Insights Briefing.

Jon Pierre, CEO of Geotree, said: “Our analytics spans sustainable agriculture, grassland management, and blue carbon, and we see increasing confidence in forestry projects as foundational to rapidly scaling nature-based climate solutions.

“Having contributed to the new VCS Afforestation, Reforestation and Revegetation (ARR) methodology, Geotree looks forward to applying its technology to these exciting projects. We have continued to pioneer the application of innovations such as dynamic baselines and spaceborne LIDAR which will be at the heart of how forest carbon projects are monitored going forward.”

Antoine Rostand, CEO of Kayrros, said: “Our collaboration with Climate Impact Partners shows the real value of innovation in this space.

“Satellite imagery can be used to monitor and understand the environment with far-reaching potential for users. And the increased accuracy and transparency of satellite analytics can strengthen the integrity of nature-based solutions. The result is crucial intelligence on the impacts of those solutions on carbon sequestration, biodiversity, and local infrastructure.

“Better use of data to understand and predict future trends will also help private enterprises and governments understand and account for changing risks. This is key for the future development of the voluntary carbon market.”

Enda Keane, CEO of Treemetrics, said: “Treemetrics has been pioneering precision forest measurement methods for the past 17 years. Our scientifically proven system delivers the highest levels of accuracy to ensure greater trust between forest carbon developers and carbon credit buyers. 

“We are delighted to be working with Climate Impact Partners to help build the necessary confidence to increase the momentum behind forestry as a pillar solution to the climate challenge.”

About Geotree:

Geotree combines world-leading expertise in remote sensing, biogeochemical modelling, data science and carbon markets to provide a cutting edge analytics platform for carbon project developers. 

We cover all nature based solutions with current projects spanning forestry, regenerative agriculture, rice methane, grassland management and blue carbon.

Learn more at

About Kayrros:

Founded in 2016, Kayrros is a climate data company and the world leader in Earth Observation technology. Using satellites including the European Space Agency’s Sentinel, Kayrros measures – in near real-time – greenhouse gases, biomass and commodities. Its data enables businesses, investors and governments to manage climate risk and make more sustainable decisions.

Kayrros has offices in Paris, Houston, New York, London, Bangalore and Singapore. For more information visit

About Treemetrics:

Treemetrics has spent the last 17 years developing new technology to replace the traditional forestry methods which have been in place for over one hundred years. Nowadays Treemetrics provides pioneering precision measurement and management solutions to the global forest industry in over 40 countries.

Among others, Treemetrics has developed an innovative and dynamic management system for natural resources that provides a wide range of tools to analyse, manage and display the available data in sensitive areas, including earth observation and field data. Treemetrics’ solution utilises recent technological advances in mobile applications, remote sensing, data mining and the internet of things (IoTrees) and tailors them for maximum benefit for all forestry stakeholders.