Climate Impact Partners passes industry best practice audit

Published 5 October 2022

Through the annual audit for best practice, Climate Impact Partners has demonstrated its compliance with the highest standards for the sourcing and sale of carbon credits in the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM).

The ICROA Code of Best Practice ensures that organizations and their clients undertake carbon management strategies that lead to ambitious and impactful climate action. Compliance is audited by ClimateCHECK, globally recognized experts on assurance for climate, clean tech, and sustainability.

“In a rapidly growing market with many new entrants, it is essential that buyers can identify those who not only talk about quality but also deliver it,” says Rebecca Fay, Chief Marketing Officer at Climate Impact Partners. “The ICROA code and annual audit ensure our processes, systems, and transactions deliver trusted, high-impact voluntary carbon market solutions to our clients.”

ICROA was established in 2008 to set the standards for emission reductions and offsetting which will deliver private sector finance to contribute to the goals laid out in the Paris Agreement. The ICROA Accreditation Program and Code of Best Practice is open to any organization that provides an offsetting service through the VCM.

The 2021 audit was completed separately by both ClimateCare and Natural Capital Partners who merged during that year to form Climate Impact Partners. In future years the audit will be undertaken by the combined business.

1 billion We will deliver one billion tonnes of emission reductions by 2030.