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Climate Calculus Series: The Calculus of Climate Change in a Viral World

Have we underestimated the rate of change and the complexity of our world in shaping our climate response?

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What’s the Outlook for Sustainable Business?

Here's how the business community is showing leadership.

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Three ways your business can use the sustainable development goals

Robert Stevens explains why the Sustainable Development Goals are good for business.

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Climate Leadership Series: How Business Can Deliver a Just Transition

How maximising social opportunities in the transition to a zero carbon economy can accelerate and enhance its value to businesses, governments and environment.

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Grasslands: “Like Upside-down Rainforests”

With the support of companies like Microsoft, grassland projects are able to demonstrate reducing carbon emissions and conserving ecosystems.

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Net Zero in Practice: How Brands Can Turn Targets Into Action

Going net zero offers a real solution, but how do businesses get there? A new framework from Climate Impact Partners might just have the answer.

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Drawdown Sharpens The Lens On Available Climate Solutions

It's pretty difficult to combine a message of hope with a complex evidence-base. So full credit to the team at Drawdown for doing just that.

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A Buyer’s Guide to Energy Attribute Certificates

Read on for a summary of our most recent whitepaper, which provides advice to companies sourcing EACs in Europe, North America and the rest of the world.

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Convincing the Business: Making the Case for Carbon Neutrality

Three of our clients share their journey to carbon neutrality, and how they made sure it delivered value for the business.

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How Can Becoming Carbon Neutral Generate Value for Your Company?

Companies have set a high benchmark for climate leadership by committing to reducing emissions to net zero while sourcing 100% renewable energy.

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A Vietnamese Solution to a Super Wicked Problem

A remarkable solution to methane emissions making headway in Vietnam.

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World Environment Day: A Short Essay on “Connecting People to Nature”

Since 1972, The United Nations Environment Programme has marked 5th June as World Environment Day.

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