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How our CarbonNeutral Protocol Stays One Step Ahead

Jonathan Shopley sets out how CarbonNeutral® certification is a proven strategy for corporate climate action, as momentum continues to accelerate.

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How Carbon Offsetting Ensures Clean Water and Healthy Forests in Guatemala

Our carbon finance project partner, Ecofiltro, opened its doors for a live virtual site visit broadcast during Climate Week NYC 2020.

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Response Required: The Climate Actions of the Fortune Global 500

How the Fortune Global 500 is delivering climate action and the urgent need for more of it.

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Oxford Principles for Net Zero Aligned Carbon Offsetting

A new report underscores the vital role of voluntary carbon offsetting as a means for organisations to take responsibility for their carbon emissions.

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How to Become a Net Zero Organization

Amidst the rush to achieve net zero, what constitutes a robust and practical corporate strategy?

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Climate Leadership Series: What’s your superpower?

We speak to Dr. Katharine Wilkinson with Project Drawdown about inviting everyone into climate conversations -- and bringing their superpowers with them.

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Climate Calculus Series: What’s the Right Price for Carbon?

Jonathan Shopley, Managing Director of External Affairs at Climate Impact Partners, evaluates the future of carbon pricing in a viral world.

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Climate Leadership Series: With this Sweater, You Actually Get to Know the Sheep it Came From

Edzard van der Wyck, CEO and co-founder of Sheep Inc., describes his company as straddling fashion and agriculture.

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Climate Calculus Series: Carbon Neutrality, Net Zero and Beyond

Historically, the terms carbon neutral and net zero have been interchangeable.

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A Doddering Old Man's Recollection

This year is the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day.

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Climate Calculus Series: The Calculus of Climate Change in a Viral World

Have we underestimated the rate of change and the complexity of our world in shaping our climate response?

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What’s the Outlook for Sustainable Business?

Here's how the business community is showing leadership.

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