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Decarbonization: Delivering climate action

There’s surely nothing more pressing on the agenda than decarbonization – but what does decarbonization involve for governments and organizations?

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The TNFD framework: ready, steady, adopt

We recently spoke to Thomas Viegas, Partnership Lead at the TNFD, who shared his views on the newly published disclosure framework.

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Communicating business climate action

How can companies navigate the landscape of initiatives underpinning the voluntary carbon market and make climate claims with confidence?

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CORSIA – It’s (almost) crunch time

As the first phase of CORSIA prepares for takeoff, the aviation industry can invest in carbon projects now to meet impending demand for EEUs in coming years.

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Agroforestry in Indonesia: impacting climate and communities

Working closely with our project partners we regularly visit the projects we are developing. Read about our visit to an agroforestry project in Indonesia.

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Carbon Market Insights for Project Developers

What does the fast growth in carbon market mean for the projects around the world that are delivering the emission reductions?

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Building Back Biodiversity: Using Innovative Financing Mechanisms to Restore Our Planet

Given the need to speed up implementation of work to move towards the targets of the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework, timing is critical.

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Measuring Biodiversity: The Quest for a Common Metric

The market is developing a measurement unit(s) to ensure we accurately and confidently evaluate positive outcomes for biodiversity and natural ecosystems.

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Biodiversity and climate investment: an interview with Saskia Feast

We spoke to Saskia Feast, MD of Global Client Solutions, about the importance of investing in nature and biodiversity to complement climate goals.

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IWD: Q&A with the Senior Management Team

We chat to our Senior Mangement Team about the importance of International Women's Day and what it means to them.

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Celebrating Women Leading on Climate Action

From female leaders driving change in the corporate world, to the incredible women on the front line, we are shining a light on these inspirational individuals.

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Latin America: The Potential for The Voluntary Carbon Market

Kristina Díaz Paterson, project sourcing lead America, discusses the potential of the Voluntary Carbon Market in Latin America.

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