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How the Carbon Market is Changing and the Impacts for Business

In the first quarter of 2021 more credits were retired than issued for the first time. So, what’s going on?

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Reality Check: Climate Action and Commitments of the Fortune Global 500

The third annual study into how Fortune Global 500 companies have increased their climate actions and commitments.

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Delivering Results for Clients, People, and Planet

The results and impact delivered by the world-leading voluntary carbon market group.

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Using a Blended Approach to Deliver Both Impact and Innovation

Carbon finance offers a roadmap for companies to take immediate climate action and pave the way for the innovative solutions that scale up greater impact.

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Carbon Innovation for Business Impact

Since the Paris Agreement was signed in 2016, the scale of corporate climate ambition is growing—and at an exponential rate.

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What do ‘Ambition’, ‘Quality’, and ‘Integrity’ Mean in the Context of Climate Action?

Jonathan Shopley examines the issues at the heart of the different approaches that are gaining momentum for scalable climate action.

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Infographic: The Carbon Footprint of the Internet

Our new infographic shows the level of CO2 emissions generated through emails, searches, and cloud storage.

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Busting Carbon Offsetting Myths

10 myths around net zero and carbon offsetting busted

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Measuring the Gains and Pains of Homeworking… for the Climate

What are homeworking emissions? How does a company measure them? And how are they likely to affect different companies’ footprints?

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Simplifying Climate Complexity: Making Net Zero Meaningful for Business

Jonathan Shopley maps the main ways that business can align voluntary action with climate science and the goals of the Paris Agreement

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Climate Leadership Series: Growing a Net Zero Future in the UK

With only 13% forest land coverage, the UK is one of the least forested countries in Europe.

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Reaching the Halfway Mark: Million Mangroves Initiative Marks a Key Milestone

Innovative blue carbon projects deliver a valuable natural climate solutions as corporate programs generate the finance to scale projects around the world

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