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Climate Action and the Opportunity for Business: A Night with Christiana Figueres

The former Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC shares her views on future climate change action.

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How Can a Business “Earn the Badge” in Sustainability?

One company has taken a unique approach to ensure it ‘earns the badge’ and creates positive and long-lasting impacts.

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How Microsoft’s Carbon Fee is Empowering Communities in Africa

Seeing it first hand, Microsoft’s Senior Director of Sustainability, TJ DiCaprio, talks about the impact of Microsoft’s award-winning carbon fee program.

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Who is Leading Action on Climate Change?

Jonathan Shopley was recently invited by JustShare UK and the St Paul’s Institute to debate the question “Should the private sector lead on climate change?”

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We’ve done the Climate Summit – is it all downhill from here?

Jonathan Shopley provides his reflections on the discussions and conclusions from the 2014 Climate Summit in New York.

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Stockholm: Natural Capital of the World

Following a visit to Stockholm, Jonathan considers the role of Sweden in understanding and applying the concepts of Natural Capital.

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Water Benefit Certificates: An Innovative Approach

The Gold Standard has launched a Water Benefits Standard that will help bring investment & long-term resource management to critically important water projects.

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Leveraging results-based carbon finance to deliver water stewardship

The World Economic Forum Global Risks study highlighted water supply as one of the top three risks affecting future economic growth.

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