Webinar: Save a Species

Location: Online
Date: 27 Feb 2024
Time: 16:00 - 16:45

Of the approximately 58,000 tree species on Earth, nearly 30% are at risk of extinction, and more than 500 species have fewer than 50 mature trees left.

Our new Save A Species program enables companies to finance the conservation and recovery of threatened tree species around the world, saving them from extinction. Delivered in partnership with Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BCGI), the program will help you deliver immediate, positive, and measurable impact on biodiversity.

Missed our webinar? You can now watch the recording. Hear from Kirsty Shaw, Head of Conservation Planning and Action at BGCI, and Rob Stevens, our Head of Product Development, as they discuss the Save A Species program. Discover how your company can help protect biodiversity and become a leader in conservation efforts.

In this webinar we covered:

  • The importance of biodiversity and the role of companies in 
    ensuring its protection
  • How the Save A Species program can benefit your business
  • How your funding will be used to save tree species from extinction
  • Quality assurance process for monitoring and reporting program
    success and progress
  • Live Q & A with our panel of experts

Our panel of experts: 

Kirsty Shaw

Head of Conservation Planning & Action, BCGI

Rob Stevens

Director of Product Development

Aastha Jain

Account Executive in Client Solutions

Webinar: Save a Species