ShanMae Teo shares CFO strategies and insights at the GENCFO Summit

Location: Online
Date: 21 May 2024
Time: 16:15 - 17:00

As ESG and CSR reporting and measurement are increasingly embedded in business strategy, it is also central to customer and workforce engagement, attraction, and retention. It's also a core part of modern finance operations and reporting - and there's a lot to do.

But how do we get reporting done? How do we adopt the correct metrics and translate data into effective action? How do we as leaders and finance business partners ensure that we are walking the walk, engaging stakeholders, and avoiding greenwashing and rhetoric?

Join ShanMae Teo, CFO at Climate Impact Partners, and Carolina Veira, Founder & Head of Finance, Sustainability and Impact at The Strategic Group, for this engaging discussion at the GENCFO Summit, which brings together the world's largest community of finance professionals to leverage the power of people, data, and digital to shape the next generation of sustainable, high-performing businesses.

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