Rachael Nutter and Nick Kempson on High Integrity Monitoring of Carbon Forest Projects

Location: London
Date: 17 May 2023 - 18 May 2023
Time: 09:00

Climate Impact Partners spoke at the Forestry and Agriculture Investment Summit, the industry-leading conference that brings together investors and stakeholders in forestry and agriculture to discuss climate-positive investments, helping to unearth the latest developments for nature-based solutions from leading experts globally in London in May.

'Maintaining High Integrity Monitoring of Carbon Forest Projects' was moderated by Rachael Nutter, our Global Director of Nature Based Solutions. The discussion highlighted several key points, including:

  • Significant advances are being made in what's possible with remote and digital monitoring, combining multiple data sources of increasing resolution and frequency.
  • It will be some time before we have instant, accurate biomass calculations but our current tools can give valuable indications.
  • Monitoring must address practical on-ground realities and encompass good local governance and community practices as well as carbon.

The solutions discussions were highly informative, thanks to the deep technical expertise and experience shared by Will Close-Brooks, Director, Respira International; Nick Kempson, NBS Technical Manager, International Project Development, Climate Impact Partners; Jon Pierre, CEO, Geotree; and Anna MacDonald, Technical Climate Consultant, Sylvera. We appreciate their valuable contributions. 

Watch the panel in full below: