Episode 5: Driving climate action through comedy with Stuart Goldsmith and Rebecca Fay.

Published 22 April 2024

In this Earth Day episode, Rebecca Fay, our Chief Marketing Officer, talks to Stuart Goldsmith – a comedian using wit, storytelling, and comedic timing to help tackle climate change.

With a background in stand-up comedy and a passion for environmental issues, Stuart has found a unique way to merge the two worlds, using humor as a tool to spark conversations about climate action.

Through his comedy specials, podcast appearances, live performances and corporate workshops, Stuart has been able to reach audiences far and wide, delivering important messages about sustainability, renewable energy, and environmental stewardship in a way that's both entertaining and thought-provoking.

During this episode, we learn about the power of the punchline in driving climate action, including:

  • How humor motivates people to take action on climate change
  • Working with Chief Sustainability Officers and sustainability teams to help recharge climate communications 
  • Crafting jokes about such a serious topic without trivializing the issue

Podcast Speakers

Stuart Goldsmith

Comedy Supercharger

Stuart specializes in performing stand up relating to the climate crisis. His solo stand up show Spoilers won the prestigious Best Show 2023 at Leicester Comedy Festival and was one of the best-reviewed shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2023. Stuart engages attendees on the important issue of sustainability and climate change; to send out a call to action and alleviate our collective dread by tackling a very serious subject via a very entertaining medium.

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Rebecca Fay

Chief Marketing Officer

Rebecca has honed her marketing skills at some of the world’s largest media corporations, including Reuters and Dow Jones. At Climate Impact Partners, she has consistently guided the evolution of our brand and the growth of our company over the course of more than a decade.

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