Episode 4: Measuring 15,000 trees by hand with Ed Mitchard and Rachael Nutter.

Published 19 March 2024

In this episode Rachael Nutter, our global director of project development, talks to Professor Ed Mitchard – a world expert in satellite mapping of land cover change and forest properties. He’s also the man who’s measured 15,000 trees by hand.

Ed is the Chief Scientist and co-founder of Space Intelligence, a NatureTech company enabling zero deforestation and mass restoration of biodiverse forests globally. They do this by providing the highest quality nature mapping data, combining their extensive expertise in remote sensing, data analytics, and forest ecology to provide highly accurate and comprehensive baseline reporting and digital monitoring, reporting, and verification solutions for forest carbon project developers and investors.

Ed was professor of global change mapping at the University of Edinburgh, has published over 100-scientific papers, advised governments on how to monitor their forests and been deeply involved in the evolution of carbon standards.

In this episode, we ask Ed to come down from space and delve into his journey from ambition to impact including:

  • How satellite technology is being used to accurately measure the climate impacts of carbon financed projects
  • How satellite technology and data is helping to evolve the voluntary carbon market 
  • What carbon projects should be thinking about from day one to ensure best-in-class monitoring 

Podcast Speakers

Professor Ed Mitchard

Chief Scientist & Co-founder, Space Intelligence

Professor Ed Mitchard has spent ~20 years using satellite data to map the changing carbon stocks of the world's forests and peatlands. In 2017 he co-founded Space Intelligence with Dr Murray Collins, bringing high accuracy satellite-derived maps to nature-based carbon offset projects.

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Rachael Nutter

Global Director of Project Development

Rachael has been at the forefront of the net zero transition for 15+ years, in senior commercial and governance roles in private and public sectors. At Climate Impact Partners, she helps partners turn climate responsibilities into positive outcomes by financing, developing, and managing projects across the globe.

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