Episode 3: Going full circle with Jonquil Hackenberg and Sherah Beckley.

Published 7 February 2024

In this episode Sherah Beckley, senior manager in our client solutions team, talks to Jonquil Hackenberg – experienced consultancy business leader, influencer, and sustainability change-maker.

During 2023, Jonquil took on the role as inaugural CEO of Eunomia Research and Consulting – specialists in the circular economy, focused on helping companies and governments figure out how to use less of everything in the first place and reuse all that has been used more effectively and creatively.

As Jonquil says: “In this decisive decade as we address climate adaptation, we need to be striving for 'unwasted'; simple as that. Unwasted is the applied circular economy.”

Her passion for sustainability does not start and end with her job – she holds a host of external positions focused on the circular economy, climate response, and gender equality including as Trustee of the UK Design Council, Member of the World Economic Forum’s Futures Council for SDG Investment and Strategic Advisor to Saathi; which you’ll hear more on later.

In this episode, we go full circle with Jonquil Hackenberg to learn about:

  • Changing the narrative on decarbonization and circular economy to make these complex concepts more tangible and mainstream
  • Organizations, companies, and industries that are getting it right and are highlighting the innovative, collaborative nature of the circular economy
  • The future of the circular economy and how it is evolving and transforming

Podcast Speakers

Jonquil Hackenberg

CEO, Eunomia

Jonquil joined Eunomia Research & Consulting in 2023 as the inaugural CEO. A sustainability change-maker, she has more than 20 years’ experience in global sustainability consulting and green tech, previously serving in lead sustainability roles at PA Consulting and Infosys. Jonquil also holds several external positions focused on circular economy, climate response, and gender equality.

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Sherah Beckley

Senior Manager, Client Solutions

At Climate Impact Partners, Sherah leads a portfolio of clients globally, helping them meet their climate action goals and deliver value from their programs. She is an award-winning sustainability professional with over 10 years’ experience driving and implementing sustainability initiatives globally, with a diverse and international background both studying and working in Ghana, Finland, and the UK.

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