Episode 2: Avoiding Burnout and Building Resilience with Chris Gaither and Liam Mulvihill.

Published 31 January 2024

In today’s episode, Liam Mulvihill, our HR Director, talks to Chris Gaither – an executive coach helping sustainability leaders find sustainability within their jobs; knowing all too well what can happen when this is missing.

Chris spent nearly two decades counselling senior executives, overseeing global storytelling initiatives, and building teams at Apple, Google, and the Los Angeles Times. He didn’t take a career break for almost 20 years, resulting in burnout, and in late 2017 he quit the corporate sustainability job he loved at Apple.

In what he calls his mid-career reboot, Chris reconnected with all the things that matter to him. And working with an executive coach he discovered his purpose – to help others discover and unleash the best version of themselves too. 

If any of this sounds familiar, then this episode is for you. Listen as we talk to Chris about how, in the fight to stop the planet from burning, sustainability professionals can avoid burning out and start building resilience, including:

  • Recognizing the characteristics of burnout
  • Designing our lives to maximize the creation of energy and minimize the draining of it
  • Addressing systemic challenges and discovering how teams and organizations can play a role in supporting the well-being of individuals

Podcast Speakers

Chris Gaither

Co-founder, Regenerous

Chris guides sustainability leaders and their teams to work easier and happier toward a vibrant world. Previously he was director of strategy and engagement for Apple’s environmental team, overseeing global programs and campaigns. He also held senior communications roles at Google and spent 10 years as a journalist for the New York Times, Boston Globe, and Los Angeles Times.

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Liam Mulvihill

HR Director

Liam is an HR leader in the profit for purpose sector, passionate about delivering business results through an engaging people strategy. A natural connector of people, at Climate Impact Partners he brings a thoughtful approach to creating diverse, high-performing teams to deliver on long-term strategic goals.

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