Episode 1: Turning on the Climate Action Tap with John Nyagwencha and Faith Temba.

Published 17 January 2024

In today’s episode, Faith Temba our Africa sourcing manager, speaks with John Nyagwencha, CEO of Aqua Clara Kenya - a social enterprise designing and distributing innovative water products and services to bring access to safe drinking water to people in rural Kenya and rural East Africa.

In a world where safe drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene are still out of reach for billions, John is passionate about using entrepreneurship to solve this challenge. The results of this passion speak for themselves. Over the last ten years, he has overseen the growth of Aqua Clara from a small community-based project to a globally reputable organization, which has enabled more than 300,000 people to access safe drinking water.

But, unwilling to stand still, John has his sights set on even greater impact. Over the next three years, he wants Aqua Clara to provide safe drinking water to one million people and improve incomes for at least 3,000 others.  

Listen to the episode and delve into John's story from ambition to impact including:

  • How John's scepticism of Aqua Clara's innovative solution put him on a path to becoming CEO
  • John's ambitions to scale Aqua Clara's impact and the role of the Voluntary Carbon Market in achieving this
  • How tackling water impacts the climate and communities

Podcast Speakers

John Nyagwencha

CEO, Aqua Clara

John joined Aqua Clara Kenya in 2010 as a volunteer and quickly rose to become the organization’s first Operations Manager. Now CEO, John has helped build Aqua Clara from a small community-based project to a globally reputable organization that has enabled more than 300,000 people to have access to safe drinking water.

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Faith Temba

Sourcing Manager, Africa

At Climate Impact Partners, Faith identifies credible carbon projects in the voluntary market. She has more than 10 years’ experience developing carbon assets for grid and off-grid energy, clean cooking, and forestry projects across Africa. Her prior roles involved project management, business development, and technical advisory engagements in the climate, energy access, and circular economy sectors.

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