Why REDD+ projects are essential

Published 7 February 2023

REDD+ projects, created under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), use carbon finance to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation. By helping to keep existing forests standing they are absolutely critical to meeting our climate change goals, as well as conserving essential biodiversity and ecosystems.  

We work with standards including Verra on these projects. The standards, manage and maintain project methodologies, verify carbon reductions and issue carbon credits. Verra specializes in nature based solutions, and is a commonly used standard for REDD+ projects. Verra is a non-profit organisation that is entirely focused on certifying high quality projects that are making a positive impact on climate change right now, and which need the voluntary carbon market to finance their work.  

REDD+ projects are complex in design and implementation, and they face a number of project and location specific challenges and risks. Our experts help our clients select the right projects. In addition to Verra’s audit and verification process, we implement an enhanced due diligence process to assess areas such as country risk, legal or compliance concerns, and delivery risk.   

To find out more about REDD+ projects – how they work, why they are important and some of the challenges and complexities, watch this recent webinar.