Best Foot Forward

Published 26 September 2012

A partnership between The CarbonNeutral Company and sustainability consultants Best Foot Forward will provide a streamlined solution for small businesses to achieve CarbonNeutral® certification.

Small businesses are increasingly seeking ways to prove their environmental credentials to their customers as they consider emissions throughout the supply chain

The online CarbonNeutral Footprint Reporter provides a simple, accessible route to a clear statement of action on carbon reduction, underpinned by the most rigorous standards available.

The online tool integrates carbon footprinting, the certification process and the purchase of carbon credits, as well as providing materials to support businesses in communicating their environmental credentials.

Each business meeting the requirements of certification will be certified as a CarbonNeutral® small business, guaranteeing the credibility and integrity of their statement by The CarbonNeutral Protocol. 

Small businesses increasingly want to demonstrate their environmental credentials, but identifying a meaningful and impactful way of doing so can seem onerous
Rebecca Fay, Chief Marketing Officer

The protocol follows the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) measurement framework of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and World Resources Institute (WRI) and guarantees that the carbon credits necessary to reach net zero emissions comply with reputable third-party standards.

The tool combines the market-leading environmental software expertise of Best Foot Forward with the most widely recognised and rigorous statement of carbon neutrality for a company, CarbonNeutral® certification.

The CarbonNeutral Company will licence the solution to companies seeking a means of supporting carbon management within their own customer base or across their supply chain.

Rebecca Fay, Chief Marketing Officer of The CarbonNeutral Company, said: “Small businesses increasingly want to demonstrate their environmental credentials, but identifying a meaningful and impactful way of doing so can seem onerous. This partnership enables small businesses to easily and accurately calculate their emissions and immediately gain a credible, recognised certification of carbon neutrality.”

Craig Simmons, Technical Director at Best Foot Forward, said: “We’re delighted to be collaborating with The CarbonNeutral Company on this innovative new offering. Small businesses now have a low cost means of managing their carbon footprint; from measurement through to certification.”

About Best Foot Forward

Best Foot Forward is a sustainability consultancy which specialises in carbon and ecological footprinting. Consulting services include advice on sustainability metrics, software solutions, green strategy and communications. The company helps organisations to measure, manage and reduce their environmental impact and become more efficient.

Best Foot Forward has calculated thousands of footprints for hundreds of clients spanning government bodies, multinational corporations, SMEs and the third sector. Its founders have been leading developments in international footprinting methodologies and tools since 1997 and have written several books.