Wind Power Portfolio, Turkey

Type: Sustainable Infrastructure | Renewable Energy
Region: Europe
Standard: Gold Standard or VCS

Turkey is still heavily reliant on natural gas and oil imports for its energy supply. Less than 10% of its electricity supply currently comes from wind. 

Since 2002 Turkey has seen an annual growth rate in electricity demand of 5.5% and energy use is expected to increase by 50% over the next decade, caused by significant population growth, economic development and increasing urbanisation.

This portfolio of projects supply renewable power from wind directly into the grid. Across the portfolio, more than 120 wind turbines have been installed generating approximately 575,000 MWh of clean electricity every year.

Turkey's renewable energy generation has tripled in the past decade, but coal and oil still provide over half the country's total energy supply. | IEA World Energy Balances 2020

In addition to delivering emissions reductions to take climate action (SDG 13), the projects have been certified by the Gold Standard that they deliver a number of other benefits:

  • Affordable and Clean Energy: Turkey has a high dependency on natural gas and this project helps to avoid the amount that needs to be imported by supplying renewable energy to the grid.
  • Decent Work and Economic Growth: The projects employ and train more than 40 staff.

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