SELCO Solar Energy Access, India

Type: Health and Livelihoods | Micro Renewables
Region: Asia
Standard: VCS

In India, rural, low income populations continue to be underserved by access to renewable energy, despite its growth at the national level. 

The aim of the SELCO Solar Energy Access project - a joint initiative with SELCO Solar Pvt (SELCO) and Climate Impact Partners – is to enhance energy access, primarily for bottom-of-the-pyramid households, by distributing an array of solar products including solar lighting, solar water heating, and solar photovoltaics (PV). 

With the support of carbon finance, the project aims to empower users by providing a complete solution package; including products, servicing and financing.

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India is the second biggest consumer of coal and third biggest consumer of oil in the world. | IEA

Vinod Bagilovayl is a bike garage owner in North Karnataka. Without electricity, his working hours were limited, meaning he had to refuse some customers. Since owning a solar lamp, he has seen a 50% increase in income from being able to work an extra few hours each day.
Vinod Bagilovayl’s Story

In addition to delivering emissions reductions to take climate action (SDG 13), the project delivers a number of other benefits including:

  • Affordable and Clean Energy: By working with regional rural banks and microfinance institutions, the project supports the most disadvantaged households to obtain agreeable finance terms.
  • Quality Education: The project’s “Light for Education” programme involves distributing solar lamps to students to facilitate evening study at home. In its first year, the project supported 60+ schools and distributed 2,500+ lamps.
  • Gender Equality: Women’s groups market and distribute the products.
  • Decent Work and Economic Growth: With a reliable source of energy, rural low income households can spend more time on income generating activities. Even a few extra hours of light can improve earnings by 20-30%.

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