Carbon Neutral Certification

The leading solution for companies and products to be carbon neutral certified, following The CarbonNeutral Protocol

Carbon neutrality delivers climate action now and supports the global low-carbon transformation. The CarbonNeutral Protocol is the leading framework for companies to be carbon neutral and is used by businesses including Dell, HP and Sky.

Comprehensive and Credible

Our CarbonNeutral® mark indicates you have followed The CarbonNeutral Protocol which is the global standard, managed for over 20 years, to deliver clear, credible, and transparent carbon neutral programs.

We work with our clients to deliver every aspect of a carbon neutral program: defining emissions scopes, measuring emissions, providing external emission reduction projects and renewable energy options, and communicating accurate information to stakeholders.

Achieving carbon neutrality shows our commitment to sustainability is not only the right thing to do for our world, it’s a business imperative.
Scott McDonald, President and CEO, Oliver Wyman

Delivering Results Now

Carbon neutrality delivers immediate action today, supporting the transformation to a low-carbon economy. It also drives internal emission reductions: our research into the Fortune Global 500 found that carbon neutrality is the most commonly achieved climate milestone to date because it is not a distant target, it’s action today, supporting the transition to a low-carbon economy by financing sustainable development projects. Carbon neutrality allows companies to reduce their unavoidable emissions by providing critical funding to projects that reduce emissions throughout the world.

The urgency and scale of climate change require robust and widespread innovation. It is a public health crisis with devastating and potentially irreversible consequences, and we must act now. We hope our example of becoming carbon neutral inspires others to do the same.
Ramé Hemstreet, Vice President of Operations and Chief Energy Officer, Kaiser Permanente

CarbonNeutral Product Certification Helps Brands Connect their Consumers to Climate Action

white paper

CarbonNeutral product certification has provided Microsoft Xbox consoles, Lime e-scooters, Logitech gaming products, Bulldog Skincare, and Yorkshire Tea with a pragmatic framework for demonstrating climate action and taking full responsibility for emissions from manufacturing their products. Our white paper showcases these iconic consumer products using CarbonNeutral product certification, alongside insights into green consumer trends.

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CarbonNeutral product selected by

CarbonNeutral product is one of the certifications selected by Amazon as part of their Climate Pledge Friendly initiative. The program is designed to help customers discover and shop for more sustainable products by working with trusted certifications like CarbonNeutral. While searching for products on Amazon, customers will see the Climate Pledge Friendly label on eligible products, where they can also learn more about the certifications. This means that CarbonNeutral product certification is visible to Amazon customers and integrated into a major consumer channel.

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Making real change possible

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