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Insuring Tomorrow: Aviva’s Leading Climate Action

In a fireside chat with Climate Impact Partners, Aviva’s Head of Sustainability discusses the company's ambitious, award-winning pathway to net zero.

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Save A Species: Recovering trees from extinction

The Save A Species program empowers companies to promptly engage in biodiversity conservation and restoration initiatives.

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Capturing carbon: A snapshot of women on the climate frontline

Journey through the camera lens straight to the heart of climate action projects we work with around the world, understanding their impact on women and girls.

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CORSIA: The 100 million tonne question

Rob Stevens, Director of Product Development, is helping pave the (run)way for CORSIA - the market-based carbon reduction scheme for airlines.

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Your questions answered at our Carbon Market Question Time

Hear members of our expert team answer some of your most pressing questions about the Voluntary Carbon Market.

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A sustainability professional's 2024 climate calendar

Key climate-related dates to help you engage your colleagues, customers, and other stakeholders with your climate action program.

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New Year's Resolutions 2024

Sticking to New Year's resolutions can be tough. Want to make resolutions you can keep? Here are some of our suggestions for real climate action in 2024.

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The final COPTake: The Parties over

The Conference of Parties (COP) is over. Chief Marketing Officer Rebecca Fay & Managing Director of External Affairs Jonathan Shopley share their final COPTake.

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Evolution to revolution: A journey through the voluntary carbon market

Jonathan Shopley, Managing Director of External Affairs, writes about the evolution of the VCM and what may be in store post-COP28.

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COP28: Get your daily COPTake

With COP28 in full swing, our experts share their unique takes on key updates and moments from this year's conference. Tune in for their digestible COPTakes.

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Are you REDDy for Verra's new methodology?

Hillary Navarro, Chief Communications Officer, Verra, and Ben Gatley our Head of Commercial Project Development delve into the REDD methodology.

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Get your COPTake: What are we looking for ahead of COP28?

Jonathan Shopley, director of external affairs, shares his pre-COP insights. What does a succesful COP28 look like? What's the impact on business?

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