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Fulfilment Analyst
We are seeking a Fulfilment Analyst, who will be focused on the operational excellence of the Fulfilment Team and the wider Portfolio Management Team.
US East Coast, North Carolina


We are seeking a Fulfilment Analyst, who will be focused on the operational excellence of the Fulfilment Team and the wider Portfolio Management Team. Portfolio Management is responsible for managing the chain of custody for all environmental instrument transactions. This involves building and managing relationships with the projects that generate the environmental impacts and performing due diligence on those entities; interfacing with the standards against which those impacts are measured; drafting the contracts that guarantee that chain of custody; and managing the registry infrastructure that allows Climate Impact Partners to demonstrate that we have delivered on our client commitments.

This role is focused on ensuring the operational excellence of the Fulfilment and wider Portfolio Management team by managing the business systems and processes that support these activities. Working closely with the Fulfilment Executive you will be expected to rapidly assimilate the process knowledge necessary to ensure operational excellence.


Maintaining and updating our instrument tracking system and other internal systems

  • Ensure accurate recording of sale, contracting and delivery of instruments
  • Ensure accurate processing and payment of invoices from suppliers
  • Reconciliation between tracking system and client contracts (using Salesforce)
  • Responsible for managing inventory availability reports
  • Prepare weekly proposals and procurement reports
  • Continuously improve systems and processes

External instrument registries control

  • Monitoring external registries for instrument deliveries
  • Regular reconciliation between instrument tracking system and registries
  • Ensuring transactions are accurate and complete
  • Responsible for owning the instrument retirement and cancellation process

Invoice control and approval

  • Evaluate invoices to ensure that instruments have been delivered
  • Check all invoice details against the underlying contract
  • Initiate the approval process for payment

Inventory control and other

  • Responsible for monthly inventory analysis including naked inventory and Mark-to-Market
  • Ad-hoc analysis in support of the sales team
  • Support the Portfolio Management and Finance Teams with instrument and financial audits, including ICROA and Green-e
  • Support project work within Fulfilment and the wider organization
  • Support the fulfilment to prepare project buy side transactions and wholesale sell side transactions, including onboarding counterparties, running KYC (Know Your Customer) checks, gathering approvals, contracting and managing trade documentation from signature of the contract through delivery of the instruments, invoice processing and registry management / retirement of credits.

Ultimately, we envision this role to be managing and overseeing all Registry activity in close conjunction with the Portfolio Management and Finance teams.


  • Bachelor’s degree, preferably within an environmental and/or sustainability field
  • Excellent numerical and analytical skills
  • Ability to work with systems and extract systems data for analysis within Excel
  • Ability to work under pressure and adhere to strict deadlines
  • Financial background is preferred; Inventory management experience a huge plus.


  • A solutions-focused team player
  • Someone who is process-driven and detail oriented
  • Demonstrable literacy and numeracy abilities
  • Someone who is efficient and quick to learn
  • Someone who can turn their hand to anything, are great team player but has the motivation and aptitude to work independently
  • Some understanding (not experience) of the carbon markets desirable but not necessary.


ClimateCare has recently merged with Natural Capital Partners, to become Climate Impact Partners and is expanding its fulfilment team to support the company’s rapid growth.

For more than 20 years, both companies have been at the forefront of delivering the highest quality solutions to make real change possible: reducing carbon emissions, generating renewable energy, building resilience in supply chains, conserving and restoring forests and biodiversity, and improving health and livelihoods.

In April 2021, ClimateCare and Natural Capital Partners merged to form the world-leading solutions provider for companies and organisations looking to meet ambitious climate goals. The combination, which was organised by Averna Capital, brings together an unrivalled corporate client base with industry-leading project development capabilities and growth capital, to scale the ambition to reduce emissions and transform the global economy.

The combined company has been responsible for the reduction of more than 100 million tonnes of CO2e and will have access to upwards of 600 projects reducing and removing emissions across 56 countries. The team works with more than 500 clients across six continents, including Microsoft, Sky, Logitech, Bain and Company, PwC, Salesforce and MetLife, providing the solutions to deliver on their ambitious carbon neutral and net zero goals.


If you meet the above criteria and are interested in the role, please apply here.

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