Vaughan Lindsay's Interview with The Motley Fool

Published 11 May 2022

Climate Impact Partners CEO Vaughan Lindsay talks with The Motley Fool about impact investing and what the hurdles are preventing large companies from taking more decisive climate action.

"Companies are being galvanized to action from consumer pressure from the bottom and investor pressure from the top. Most good forward-thinking boards see that. That's why our conversations have moved out of the territory of ESG to the board room. We are talking to the chairman and CEO because they see this is business-critical."

The full interview is for Motley Fool members only, but you can view these short clips for some of the highlights from his conversation with Rachel Warren.

Motley Fool is a financial services website used by individual and corporate investors to get the latest news and trends in the U.S. markets. Interest in sustainability is increasing amongst investors as they realise the business opportunities from taking action now, and the risks if companies do nothing.

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