Climate Impact Partners Awarded Best Project Developer, Public Health

Published 23 September 2022

Climate Impact Partners has been recognized as Best Project Developer, Public Health by Environmental Finance in its 2022 Voluntary Carbon Market Rankings.

The company has won Best Project Developer, Public Health every year since the award was created, recognizing its commitment to setting and meeting the highest standards of quality and delivering projects which combine carbon reductions with improving health and livelihoods for communities.

The awards are selected through an annual poll in which companies within the industry vote for the best service providers, based on reliability, innovation, quality of service provided, and influence on the market. 

“This award reflects our work as a trusted partner to our clients and to our partners, bringing integrity to the market and delivering the best projects with the greatest impact to both people and planet,” said Vaughan Lindsay, CEO of Climate Impact Partners. “Many thanks to our partners and peers who demonstrated their confidence in us by casting their vote.”

Climate Impact Partners is an established leader in the development of high-quality carbon projects that benefit public health through the use of efficient cookstoves, which reduce indoor air pollution in the communities least responsible for, yet most impacted by, climate change.

The company pioneered the first-ever cookstove project in 2003 and has developed methodologies for clean cooking, including the most recent methodology for metered cookstoves. Its portfolio of cookstove projects includes Bondhu Chula stoves in Bangladesh, clean cooking in Guatemala, and Gyapa cookstoves in Ghana.

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